Sunday 15th 2017 (24 years on)


24 year since opening. Got a lot of good feedback on Facebook yesterday of things people might be able to find, hidden and cupboards etc… A comment from Caroline Bray that accompanies the early business card: ” Spike (rarely known as Michael Oyarzabal) was the one who told me the plan to use the toilet on the common as a venue, one late night in The Winchester. I laughed. I’m glad I was so wrong.” and also one from Mark Davyd, who appears on that card: “That’s already quite a late business card actually; the original also had Peter Hoare on it.” 

A photo that came via the CONTACTS form on this site, so glad to see that works – if you are reading this and have something to send, head over to the CONTACTS link:

“I’m sending a Dropbox link of a photo that I believe was taken on the 9th September 2005.
It is the photo the We Are Scientists took from the stage during their show at The Forum just before their debut album came out.

Thanks for all the great shows.
Simon Denny”



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