Monday 16th January 2017

Sunday was 24th Birthday day – some comments on Facebook:

Darren Casey I’ve had some great nights out at the forum.. Bad manners , Neville staples , anti nowhere league many times and I remember the first time I saw them , I actually thought satan himself was on stage !!
And last night the rotten hill gang …
Keep it real at the forum .. Great place 👍🇬🇧👍

Barney Jeavons I came “tour managing” with Supermodel in about 96/97. I had no idea it was so new!

PLUS: Feed back on the WE ARE ARCHITECTS photo:

“Who was there?”

Tom Thomas I was!! …. Just remembered that me being there is a half lie. For some reason, I was outside for a lot of the gig. Someone from the We Are Scientists street team gave me a free pink 7″ single. Whilst sat on the steps, I heard “my body is your body” and was like “ahhhh I didn’t know We Are Scientists did this song!”. I ran to the door and convinced David Jarvis to let me in for free to watch the last few songs. Blind Martini Society supported if I remember correctly. Paul McNamee’s old band…

Paul McNamee had his own memories, shared via twitter:

Happy birthday to our friends @twforum! My first visit (King Prawn) was 15 years ago! Many happy memories and good friends made. Cheers 🍻

@TWSussexArms @twforum A great show. Whitmore in support, as I remember.

With the belief that Friday will one day be the past – photos from The Mayor’s visit, and posters from the weekend:

Photo credits Molly Smith photography


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