Tuesday 17th January 2017

2017A quiet day on memory collecting.

Facebook:  Sam ComleyFor my 20th birthday in July 2005 I booked a little band from Sheffield to come down to the Forum. Few local supports, including my old band of course. A Monday night and it got packed out. Fast forward 11 years and Bring Me The Horizon are one of the biggest bands in the World… somewhere there is video footage… I just cant find it.

More comments on WE ARE SCIENTISTS:
Debbie Allen Kate Francesca Nikki Charlotte – was this the night of the cheese?
Nikki Charlotte Yes, Kate Francesca and I were there. And yes, Debbie, that was the night of sharing their cheese rider after the show!

@twforum @wearescientists It’s true. We weren’t any good but We Are Scientists were kind enough not to mention it. A fun show as I recall.

Today has been dominated by ‘Flat News’ from Courier Online – something which will rumble along for the next year.

Before and after bar photos, from April 2015, when the black cat visited (with Andy Cuthbert)



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