Thursday 19th January 2017

A brilliant find:



With the prompt of memories, I had a little dig around for something and found this.
This was organised by a lovely person named Anna Playle, from Tonbridge, in 1998.
She was doing some work experience with The Bridge Trust, at the time, and I was being helped by them.
So I helped her, a bit.
The band “Resolve” (formerly “Loser”) were a group of teens that I knew from Gravesend, my hometown. They kindly agreed to pop down and play alongside the other two local? bands.
Loser/Resolve had played there previously in . . hmm . . 95/96, on one of the Monday night showcases (battle of the bands), and I believe are on one of the CD’s that were made by The Forum.
They were also given a support slot, at some point.
Anyway, I’m digressing. Point being, having some memories prompted me to find this flyer alongside a cassette of the band which has led me to finding and contacting one of the members for a catch up !
Now, if anyone knows Anna Playle could you pass on a ‘hello’, from me !
P.S. – any chance of delving in the archives for those CD’s, to see who is on them ?
From Pete Richardson
P.s. regarding the CD: John Banfield It was probably a Monday Night Showcase / The Stable compilation CD, and those were released by The Forum. Although Resolve and Rydell were on the Unlabel Two compilation (the other band didn’t release anything on Unlabel). Unlabel Two was released in May ’98 for the Three Days In May weekend at The Forum.
and a comment from Simon Laslett Rydell were amazing that night. God I miss them.

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  1. oddlyactive says:

    I know one of the fundraisers from Bridge Trust now – I’m going to copy her this for two reasons – 1) she may know (of) Anna Playle, 2) The Bridge Trust is needed more now than ever, so another fundraiser would be a bloody good idea and would save my feet from yet ANOTHER poxy half-marathon!


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