Sunday 29th January 2017


Sharing of this by Mark as part of #IVW17 on Forum Facebook generated alot of memories:

Here’s a question: who did you see at The Forum? I’ll start: Oasis. They were mediocre, a bit like Status Quo channelling the Beatles as fronted by Ian Brown. Whiteout headlined; they were tremendous!

Pat Pope I was at Oasis. Had seen them the previous week at the 100 club so came home for it. Went to the pub as didn’t particularly want to see Whiteout again. When we came back Oasis were on their last song………swapping headline……I ask you!

John Spavins Was at that gig too. My wife’s friend managed Whiteout at the time, we’d never heard of Oasis. Started going to the Forum around the time Shed 7 and Echobelly were playing there.

Lesley Luxon Munday I used to go to the Forum regularly in the nineties and saw some great bands including Oasis who it has to be said were pretty ordinary. Also saw Cornershop ,Stereophonics, Catatonia, Stereolab, Coldplay who were supporting a band called Bellatrix and many more. Still have the tickets . The Forum really had it’s finger on the pulse then.


Dan Bailey We saw Super Furries in about Feb 1996 – had never heard of them, but they were fantastic (and still are!) Headliners were Bis, haven’t heard from them for a while…


Alex Watts That time the Singer from SPUNGE goaded some chavs from the band door and they threw bottles at him. #memories
InMe always put on a good set.
 TUNBRIDGE WELLS FORUM Two members of the Forum staff had to pretend to be part of the gang chucking bottles so they could hold the (now bricked up) back gate shut from the outside and stop them getting inside. Good times!
CJ Thorpe I remember seeing Biffy Clyro around 2001 and I walked after 1 song, which I now greatly regret.
I was 15 and pretty goth at the time and only went because local band Weave were supporting.
I hadn’t heard of Biffy before and they just weren’t heavy enough for my narrow minded tastes at the time.
A year or two later I heard the album “Blackened Sky” and fell in love with it. Then Biffy became huge and my chances of seeing them in such a small venue ever again disappeared.
Richard Wright Who want’s to break it to CJ that they played the forum a few times after blackened sky came out?
 CJ Thorpe The album was already out when i “saw” them. I just hadn’t heard it at the time.
 CJ Thorpe I think i got the date I saw them wrong… may have been 2003/4 instead (my memory is terrible)
 TUNBRIDGE WELLS FORUM You two conversing like this is taking me back to the days of the Forum website message board. Where’s Ross?
 CJ Thorpe Now that is a blast from the past. I used to practically live on that message board.
Richard Wright TUNBRIDGE WELLS FORUM Apparently running a coffee shop where I’m moving to next month!
Matt T Haydock I saw Lostprophets which has now become as historically interesting as having witnessed the Nuremberg rally in Nazi Germany.
Jamie Mankelow Saw Reef just as they were being discovered after appearing on the Sony minidisc TV advert. They were brilliant , Garry Stringer looked very nervous and kept twisting his t-shirt though. Very hot night if I remember rightly even the walls appeared to be sweating.
James Martin Lant Black Light Burns/Wes Borland was a particular fave of mine, especially at the end of the set he walked up to me and said i had a cool shirt on.
Ed Hammond I’ll second the shout for Menswe@r – and the Mansun gig where the singer was off his face and the kick drum went crowd surfing! They Sounded Terrible but was highly eventful.
Brucey Pork The Libertines! It’s was chaos and their manager wasn’t happy. It was an excellent show. All over the place
Tom Thomas Adele, Jamie T, Ellie Goulding, Twin Atlantic, The Kooks, The Automatic, Moose Blood, Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis, Don Broco… The list goes on and on and on!
Lethal Bizzle, Frank Turner, Foals, Slaves, Tonight Alive, Enter Shikari, Blood Red Shoes, Peace, Mystery Jets, Bombay Bicycle Club, Marmozets, Letlive, We Are Scientists, Friendly Fires…
Richard Wright Biffy Clyro supporting the llama farmers (who I still like)
Caro Spinette I remember being probably the oldest person in the audience at the Young Guns gig. Still have the signed t-shirt. 😜
Bethan Roberts Jamie T and Enter Shikari 🙌🏼
Lisa Copley Rag n Bone Man
Rick Weaver Green chuffin day!
Laura Luxford Wednesday 13 🤘

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