Friday 3rd February 2017


Posted yesterday by John Banfield on Facebook:

Here’s what was happening 21 years ago this month. Feb ’96 listings from Fiasco magazine, one of several pre-Blam zines…

and comments:

Doreen Daw Steve Daw did you review any of these during your work experience there?
 Steve Daw Wow! How many of those gig’s would I like to go and see right now! How many of those did we actually go to?
John Banfield I know we were both at a few of these shows Steve Daw – Honeycrack, AP&S (mainly for Cecil!), Super Furries… I know I didn’t go to Kula Shaker but I’m thinking you did?
Plenty more of these posts to come…
Isabel Smith Cor, I think that is the first week I ever went there.
Steve DawI remember seeing Honeycrack and I remember them being awesome. We must have seen Cecil every time they played the forum – you, me and trig. I remember Bis being
awful and loving every minute of it 🙂
Additional edit:

Wow, pre Blam! Good find John! Here’s the origins of my studio and audio company Relium X Records in 1996, as a rock club I ran fortnightly at the Forum. Great times!


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