Monday 13th February 2017

More from CJT:  A poster:


We tracked down the year to July 2003 based on some memories and checking:


CJ: “Halo friendlies supported Funeral For A Friend in April 03 then headlined in July 03.”

John Banfield Definitely 2003, July 18th was the launch gig for Joeyfat’s House Of The Fat album, and yep, Spunge played twice.

Chris Hoad  Melaleuca in the stable has to be 2003, and likewise local band Weave weren’t around much after 2003. Go on the 9-volt.

Related to 2003: Skinnyman just played The Forum again Friday 3rd February 2017, £8 a ticket (where is inflation in live music?) and Funeral For A Friend in July 2015. (Skinnyman photo thanks to Phil Avey).

Addition from Pat: Patrick Dighton I think Forum Funday BBQ was Max cooking burgers on disposable Barbeques out by the bin shed at the back, plus a couple of acoustic acts and a mass game of wall ball. I think Quids Inn was a night we did similar to the Vinyl Tap night they now do at the Sussex. If it was that night I still have the entirely pop punk set I did on a minidisc (It didn’t go down that well with the more discerning alt.crew back then). I seem to remember Pranos Pranos causing a bit of a fight on the Forum Message board before their show (but nothing compared to ‘the Hookers’ band did sometime after). I think I have that household name summer tour poster somewhere – maybe Lightyear and Five Knuckle and a couple of others but I can’t remember. Again my memory is a little bit bad but I think that second Spunge night might have been the infamous night the guitarist decided to pick a fight with some of the sorts that hung around the bench on the common, resulting in Mark and Jason having to pretend to be part of the gang to hold the gate shut from the outside and not letting them in the building. [Sorry about my mistake riddled reminiscing]


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