Monday 6th February

Remembering that one day today will be a distant memory: Back to June 2016 today with a live review of Dilly Dally. Photos of Estrons, and videos of Sappy playing Before and Scuttlebutt Advertisements

Sunday 5th February 2017

More things are turning up!!  From Facebook: James Martin Lant Today at 16:17 My 1st Forum show with my pop punk band Nosedive, we made it to the final that year! Andy King and includes The Granary Studio

Friday 3rd February 2017

Posted yesterday by John Banfield on Facebook: Here’s what was happening 21 years ago this month. Feb ’96 listings from Fiasco magazine, one of several pre-Blam zines… and comments: Doreen Daw Steve Daw did you review any of these during your work experience there?  Steve Daw Wow! How many of those gig’s would I like…

Sunday 29th January 2017

Sharing of this by Mark as part of #IVW17 on Forum Facebook generated alot of memories: Here’s a question: who did you see at The Forum? I’ll start: Oasis. They were mediocre, a bit like Status Quo channelling the Beatles as fronted by Ian Brown. Whiteout headlined; they were tremendous! Pat Pope I was at Oasis. Had seen…

Phil’s collection

Hopefully this is a link to 95 archive photos from Unlabel’s Phil Avey. Let’s hope Facebook don’t pull the plug on the work here in tagging….

Friday 20th January 2017

Today’s photo turned up on someone’s personal Facebook page, not on The Forum one: ELM by Marc Brereton as in The Breretons : Charlotte Brereton with Ali King on bass and Matt Wilson on drums. “Very pre Brereton’s.”

Thursday 19th January 2017

A brilliant find:     With the prompt of memories, I had a little dig around for something and found this. This was organised by a lovely person named Anna Playle, from Tonbridge, in 1998. She was doing some work experience with The Bridge Trust, at the time, and I was being helped by them….

Tuesday 17th January 2017

2017A quiet day on memory collecting. Facebook:  Sam ComleyFor my 20th birthday in July 2005 I booked a little band from Sheffield to come down to the Forum. Few local supports, including my old band of course. A Monday night and it got packed out. Fast forward 11 years and Bring Me The Horizon are…

Monday 16th January 2017

Sunday was 24th Birthday day – some comments on Facebook: Darren Casey I’ve had some great nights out at the forum.. Bad manners , Neville staples , anti nowhere league many times and I remember the first time I saw them , I actually thought satan himself was on stage !! And last night the…

Sunday 15th 2017 (24 years on)

24 year since opening. Got a lot of good feedback on Facebook yesterday of things people might be able to find, hidden and cupboards etc… A comment from Caroline Bray that accompanies the early business card: ” Spike (rarely known as Michael Oyarzabal) was the one who told me the plan to use the toilet…

First memories come in:

Friday 13th 2017, as good a day as any to start putting out requests for anything anyone has. The first lot were varied, starting with a tweet: T H O M A S @tomadolph 23h I could probably write an entire book! A short Facebook message: Dan Bailey‎ to TW Forum Memories 6 hrs · Royal Tunbridge…

Review of unfest 2013

Originally posted on thesememorieswhich:
Under my out of focus photo of SLAVES finishing their set of the floor of The Forum on Saturday night, I am going to collect together links to other people’s reviews, blogs, photos, videos. This will be a work in progress as more things probably come up. Starting with two YouTube…